Exam dates for second semester exam session:

Date Subject Type Time Group Room
31st May Balneophysiotherapy Written 12:00 All Groups M3
1st June Family medicine Written 13:00 All Groups Spital 6
3rd June Infectious Diseases Practical 8:30 601, 602, 603 Infectious Hospital
3rd June Infectious Diseases Written 13:00 All Groups Faculty M1
4th June Infectious Diseases Practical 08:30 604, 605, 606, 607 Infectious Hospital
7th June Emergency medicine Written 10:00 All Groups M1
9th June Research Methodology MCQ 18:00 All Groups M1
10th June Epidemiology MCQ 12:00 All Groups M1
11th June History of Medicine MCQ 12:00 All Groups M1

More informatiosn on the individual exams are available here

Official schedule for the final year:

28.09.2009 Official beginning of 1st semester.
20.12.08 03.01.08 Winter Break
17.01.10 06.02.10 1st semester exam session
07.02.10 14.02.10 Vacation
22.02.10 Beginning of 2nd semester
30.05.10 12.06.10 2nd semester exam session
13.06.10 19.06.10 1st Reexamination period
06.09.10 11.09.10 2nd Reexamination period