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Exam schedule 2nd and last semester

License Exam:
Results License Exam
License Topic List
Question- Pool for License Exam General Info

License Exam Questions per Student

Material for the license:
List for libraries and hostel.
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Index Numbers Alphabetic M- Z
Methodology for License Examination
Documents for license
Topic Acute Appendicitis
Topic Benign Gynecological tumors

Orientation Pool:
Orientation Pool Bilingual Topics 1-25
Orientation Pool Bilingual Topics 26-50
Corrections on this pool
Correction 24-29
Correction 30-33
Topics 1-14 without answers

License Simulation Exams in English Language:
Simulation (Variant I) 17.09.10
Answer- Sheet Simulation (V. I) 17.09.10
Answer sheet simulation 11.09.10
Materials to Practice License Exam
Archive of License Exam Simulations in English
Exam Set B 2009
Exam Set D 2008

License Simulations in Romanian Language:
Archive of License Exam Simulations
Topics 1-15
Topics 16-30
Topics 22-23, 48-50
Topics 37-43
Topics 44-50
Test 1
Test Topics 1-25

Second Semester:
Physiotherapy Topics
Family Medicine Topics
Infectious Diseases Topic List

Epidemiology Lectures:
Epidemiology Lecture 1
Epidemiology Hepatitis A,B
Epidemiology Hepatitis C and HIV
Epidemiology TB

History of Medicine Lectures:
History of Medicine- Topic list
History of Medicine Lecture 1
History of Medicine Lecture 2
History of Medicine Lecture 3
History of Medicine Lecture 4
History of Medicine Lecture 5
History of Medicine Lecture 6
History of Medicine Lecture 7
History of Medicine Lecture 8
History of Medicine Lecture 9
History of Medicine Lecture 10
History of Medicine Lecture 11
History of Medicine Lecture 12
History of Medicine Lecture 13
History of Medicine Lecture 14

Emergency Medicine Lecture:
Topic List
Electrolyte Imbalance
EM Lecture- Sepsis
EM Lecture- Sepsis II
EM Lecture- Septic Shock
EM Lecture- Acute Surgical Complications
EM Lecture- Blood and Components
EM Lecture- Cirrhosis
EM Lecture- Acute Abdomen
EM Lecture- Acute Abdomen II
EM Lecture- BLS and ALS
ERC Guidelines
EM Lecture- Cardiovascular Emergencies
EM Lecture- Thoracic Trauma
Last EM Lecture
EM Lecture- CNS Injury
EM Lecture- Pulmonary Emergencies

Public Health Lecture:
All Public Health lectures and practicals
Public Health Lecture 1,2,3,4,5.
Public Health Lecture- Screening and Prophylaxis

Public Health Practical:
Public Health Practical 1
Public Health Practical 2
Public Health Practical Fertility
Public Health Practical 4
Public Health Practical 3
Public Health Practical 5
Public Health Practical 6
Public Health Practical 7
Public Health Practical 8

1st Semester Topic Lists:

Legal Medicine Topic List
Obstetrics and Gynecology Topic List
Psychiatry Topic List