What's up?!

    +++ 05.01.2011+++
Wishing you all a happy new year and all the best for the challenges that 2011 will bring!
Hereby I would like to mention that the website shall soon be redesigned in a more user-friendly manner including protected sections with possibilites to write articles about the current professional status& experience. It will allow you to determine your former collegues whereabouts and give us the opportunity to stay in touch independently from social networks. is on air soon, so stay tuned!

+++ 25.09.2010+++
A little guide to fill out the paper mentioned below.

+++ 23.09.2010+++
You can find the sheet for the libraries etc. in the download section.
Monday, 13:30 we will meet for the graduation rehearsal, you will also receive your hats for the graduation.

+++ 21.09.2010+++
The results for the written part are out. Congratulations to all!

+++ Latest confirmation+++
Meeting time is 08:00 o'clock at M1. Exam will start at 09:00. You will need your ID or Passport to be able to register for the exam.

+++ 20.09.2010+++
The exam time, was confirmed for 09.00 o'clock in the room M1. We will be asked to be there earlier for the registration and allocation of the seats. So you should be ready to be there at 08:00 o'clock already and make sure you carry your ID or passport with you.
Good luck!!!

+++ 19.09.2010+++
The exam time has not been published yet. All that is known, is that 580 students will have their final exams on tuesday, so there will certainly be a morning and an afternoon time for the different specialisations.
We will write at the same time as the romanian general medicine section.
The confirmation on the actual exam time and room will be online as soon as I get the confirmation from Monica on monday.

+++ 18.09.2010+++
Each student has a personal index number which needs to be filled on the right side of the answer sheet in a reverse manner. It is also necessary to fill up the remaining fields with zero.
The alphabetic order list with the respective numbers is online in the download section.

+++ 17.09.2010+++
The last simualtion took place today. The paper is online for you to have a look.
The regulation for the examination is online also, but it is however in romanian language.
Basically it contains that the exam will last three hours, nobody is allowed to leave the room once the exam started and the passing marks.
Each part of the license examination has to be passed with a 5, but the average of the written and the thesis must be at least 6 in order to pass.
The corrections that you send me have now been published also on the faculty website, along with the orientation pool.

+++ 16.09.2010+++
Regarding the incorrect answers at the orientation pool and the susquent question if the mistake-ratio in the whole pool or of the evaluating programme is as high, I was informed that we they are working to correct the orientation pool, but however give no warranty that the whole pool is mistake- free.
I will inform the Dean about this problem today, so far we need be prepared to keep a copy of our answers and to verify our mark via rezitest inorder to be able to contest against incorrectly corrected exam papers.
In case of incorrectly corrected MCQs at the LE, these MCQs will be deleted.
More news in the evening, stay tuned!

+++ 13.09.2010+++
In order to hand in your papers related with the thesis, you need to bring a paperback file with you.
This is mandatory, some colleagues waited long in front of the office in order to hear this!

+++ 06.09.2010+++
Our secretary Monica gave out the following news today:
Some students still have subjects without marks. Monica is currently working through the catalogues to verify the integrity of our 6th years record. However she already saw some missing marks, some being Pedagogy from 2nd year.
Check if you have any marks missing and clear it within this week, otherwise your participation at the license exam might be in danger!
I could not receive a list yet, so please do not loose time!
The 17th of septembre has been allocated as deadline to submit your thesis and the paperwork belonging to it. Make sure you bring a copy of your passport and 2 passport pictures as well.
The 21st has been stated as the day of our license exam. The 23rd, so far is scheduled for the thesis- defense.

+++ 05.09.2010+++
The second and last part of the orientation pool is now available.

+++ 04.09.2010+++
An orientation pool containing the frist 25 topics has been published. The orientation pool on topics 25 to 50 will be available here, as soon as I receive it.

+++ 03.09.2010+++
Have a look at the curretnly available simulation exams in english language. Invest some time and search for the english versions of the MCQs given at the other simulation exams and share the work.
The first simulation exam in english language will take place on saturday, 11th September at 13:00 o'clock in the Faculty. Don't miss it!

+++ 31.08.2010+++
Download and print the documents that are needed to finalize your thesis. Take the compressed file from here

+++ 30.08.2010+++
Our secretary is back, starting on wednesday with regular hours. As 6th years, she agreed that we could come before the public hours to sort out our documents.
There is some paperwork to be done woth our thesis. A specific document will need to filled out and signed by your thesis coordinator. It will be for dowload here soon!
Submission deadline for the thesis and the above mentioned document will most probably be one week prior to the license examination.
Important: The session for outstanding exams from previous semesters was determined 30.08 to 11.09 (exclusive for 6th year!).

+++ 28.08.2010+++
I thought it might be useful for you to practice a bit the procedure of the license examination. Hence I created a file that provides you the necessary materials to do so. You can download it here!

+++ 26.07.2010+++
The votes delivered a majority of 26 to 18 (sum= 44) votes for the 29th of september to be date for the graduation day.
From now onwards, all plans will be made accordingly and no further changes to the date shall be made.
Have a look at the doanload section for the materila for the license. I received some of the simualtion exams. You can use the MCQ ID to sample your own simualtion exam now.
The Dean gave way to have a simulation every saturday until the license exam, starting with this week.

+++ 23.07.10+++
The graduation committee needs your feedback on your participation (and invitations) at the ceremony and the dinner-party. Please contact your group representatives for this.
Currently, the dates for choice for the graduation are the 27th and 29th of september.
+++ 20.07.10+++
The license examination period has been confirmed for 20-24.09.2010.

+++ 08.06.10+++
The Research Methodology examination for Wednesday is annulated, the mark will be formed upon the project you submitted.
The examination of Epidemiology will be held in two main groups, starting at 12:00 (601-603) and at 14:00 (604-607). If you have any outstanding subjects, make sure to clear them in the upcoming reexamination period 14-19.06.

In order to be able to prepare the license exam properly, it is mandatory for you to deliver the translations of the questions that were assigned to you as soon as possible.
The outstanding translations shall then be made by a professional translator and the respective students will have to be charged for that.

+++ 25.05.10+++
Please find your exam schedule here. Further modifications are not expected.

+++ 22.05.10+++
The AIMSO website has been taken down by a hacker- attack and it will take some days to restore it to the initial status.

+++ 17.05.10+++
Please be aware of the deadline to submit your translated questions. So far, 30 out of 56 topics were sent.
The exam session is coming up, practical exams will be held mainly in the last week before the session starts. A detailed schedule will be out soon.

+++ 16.04.10+++
As discussed and decided in class, the questions from the question- pool will be seprated by the ammount of students, making each responsible for the translation and delivery of the designated questions in digital format.
Find the list with the questions designated to you on this link. The discussed time of 4 weeks for the translations will end on Monday, 17th of May.
Please ensure a good quality of work, as a copy of all these questions will be provided to the administration as the base for our license exam in September.
Your colleagues are thanking you all for your contribution to this unique project!

+++ 22.03.10+++
Finally the last outstanding lecture has been confirmed. In the Download section you can find all files that are available so far.
For general information:
Outstanding exams can be taken only in June's resit session or in September. Be aware that an exam can only be taken twice in a year. So if you are failing the second time, you will not qualify for this year's license exam.
The train reduction will no longer be available for students who are 26 years or older. The list will be out in class soon!
Informations on training sessions for the license exam are published on the news- page of the Faculty

+++ 01.03.10+++
Welcome to our 2nd and final semester! As Yashraj Deenoo has been doing a great job over the past few months, I will stay as Vice-chief from now on. There are many important things to be discussed over the weeks to come and this constellation seems to be the most promising one so far.

+++ 10.01.10+++
Wishing you all a happy& splendid year 2010!

+++ 02.11.09+++
Vice- chief Yashraj Deenoo will be taking over for this semester.
+++ 13.10.09+++
The german lecturers are holding their well prepared lectures again this week, starting daily from 09:00 o'clock and regular classes have been put to their disposition. Be advised that presence might be taken there instead of the classes. Also I want to raise your attention to the upcoming Emergency Medicine Congress that will be held in Baile Felix between 22 and 24 October. Participation is free and our practical teachers are expecting us there!

+++ 05.10.09+++
There were some changes in the groups. So group 608 has been disolved and our colleagues have been placed in different groups equally. For changes, please see the group list.

+++ 30.09.09+++
The timetable should be completely ready by the end of the week.
The exact tuition fee has been officially confirmed with 3168 Euro. However, this fee is for the 9 months, not counting the summer practice. If that one months will be added on top of this, you end up at 3.520 Euros.
For those who payed already 3.600 USD, will have to get their difference calculated by the University's "Contabilitate" Office, which you can find in the Rector's Building, 2nd floor.

+++ 28.09.09.+++
The timetable is online on the Faculty's website. As usual I expectsome changes until stable timetable will be in place. So long I will publish here the subjects that have been confirmed by the respective teachers.
+++ 25.09.09.+++
Tuition fees for the coming academic year have been increased to 3.520,00 Euro. The Ministry of Education decided this on 28.08.09 and it was implemented by 3rd of september for this year.
The Faculty and the University can not change this and I recommend to complain via the embassies and so avoid a further increase in the year to come.
+++ 15.09.09.+++
The academic year will start on 28th of September. Timetables are supposed to be ready before that time.
It was also confirmed, that the groups by alphabetic order will only be introduced for 1st year and not for our year.
Pleaase take notice,that the tuition fee was increased by 10% by the side of the University. Hence the fees for the year are 3.960USD or about 2.800 Euro.

+++ 01.09.09+++
Hopefully you all had a splendid summer break so far& that you'll be starting refreshed into our/your already final year in Oradea!
As usual for this time of the year, there are already some news that I consider important enough to post them here.
The reexamination for Internal Medicine has been sheduled for the 8th and 9th of September. As we are still waiting for a decision of the Faculty's Council on the reevaluation of the previous paper (those affected received the mails), I recommend to tke the exam if possible. Otherwise we remain dependent on the Council's decisions.

The academic year will start on the 1st of october, timetables and other information should be available then.

By decision of the Senate, all our Groups will be rearranged in alphabetical order by the family names. Group sizes however shall remain the same.
Deadline for registration this year is the 15th of October. A special registration form shall be distributed to controll this. Coming after the 15th might be enough to expell you, so please arrange to arrive on time.

More informations and discussions are nearly daily updated on .

+++ 01.07.09+++
The practical exam for Oncology has been shifted to friday morning, 07:30 for all groups. There is a list of topics that is attached to the recent newsletter.
Monica informed me, that on thursday(2nd July) she will not be able to work. For documents, applications etc., please hand them over to the Dean's secretary.
For friday evening, I would like to invite the 5th year to join a BBQ at the "Cuiperca hill". Like this we could come all together in an relaxed atmosphere one more time before the summer break.

+++ 25.06.09+++
The results for Endocrinology are out. The marks are the average between your written and oral performance, whereas the oral increased most of the marks.
Dr. Georgescu allows you an inspection of your papers, before the mark will be entered into the catalogue.
For now we established Friday, 3rd of July at 14:00 o'clock in Faculty for this. If you should have concerns with that date, please inform me about an more appropiate one& I will communicate to Dr. Georgescu.

+++ 19.06.09+++
The last two presentations for Pediatrics have finally been available and are now for download.

+++ 10.06.09+++
Results for Medical Electrotechiques are out& online. The carnets that I received so far, have been signed for Genetics and Med. etechs. I will hand them out to you on friday's exam and would like you to fill out all the exam subjects for the rest of the session, so signatures can be done faster for the remaining subjects.
Please take notice that there are 2 new files for Oncology (B2+B6) and I expect to receive 2 more for Pediatrics (Lect. 12+13).

+++ 07.06.09+++
Yash and me worked through the evaluation forms and calculated the average of the 22 forms that we got back from you. The information was centralized and will be taken into consideration for each individual lecturer for future decisions.

+++ 01.06.09+++
On wednesday's Internal Medicine lecture, we will decide whether we want a written or oral exam with Prof. Popa.
We will also have to fill out evaluation forms on our teachers for this academic year. I will explain how to fill out the forms.

+++ 30.05.09+++
The exam schedule is now fixed, for any changes please check the respective file for it.

+++ 22.05.09+++
The plan for the exam session has almost been confirmed by all the respective lecturers.
Please take care of your absences and recouperations before the session starts!
Topic lists will be online as soon as I receive them.

+++ 12.05.09+++
The BBQ can be seen as an successfull start of our fundraising. There are now about 200 Ron in our account and an regular increase by 10 Ron per student per month could be an relyable contribution towards the graduation& sharing of the costs involved.
Be aware that the TB practical exams are already holding next week. They will be during your regular practical classes and will be conducted groupwise with one patient per group. Guidance on how to prepare the preparation of the presentation can be taken from the file in the download section.
The presentations for Medical Electroengineering should be finished on the 25th of May, as we will have the exam on the 28th of May.
AIMSO will soon hold elections also in our year. Out of personal reasons I will no longer candidate for AIMSO and would be glad if we could find 2 new representatives soon.

+++ 07.05.09+++
The 3rd annual BBQ will take place tomorrow from 16:00 o'clock in the yard of the Faculty. Besdies a stall with Halal- meat, there will be greek food, grilled fish, german sausages and romanian mititei offered.
The plan for the stall from 5th year was to sell food& use the income for fundraising of our graduation in the next year.
Apart from that AIMSO organized the opportunity to buy& sell second- hand books from colleagues.
Come along and have an relaxed& nutritious afternoon with your colleagues!
The ENT partial will then follow on monday with 60 questions (20 Rhihnology, 20 Pharyngology, 20 Practical).

+++ 18.04.09+++
The ppt's of the last weeks are online now. The ppts from 4th year will now be transferred to the download section on bit by bit. Have a look there if you're searching for 4th year's presentations!
I wish you all a happy easter break and will see you all back in the week after.

+++ 12.04.09+++
The official easter break starts with the next weekend, 18.04. until 27.04. During the coming week, classes are taking place according to our timetable.
Exceptions on monday are Oncology and Internal Medicine(monday only!) and during the whole week ENT.
ENT partial exam will be on 04.05. during the lecture hours.

+++ 11.03.09+++
Second Semester Opening party will take place in Club Bali on Friday, 20th of march. The AIMSO ExCo prepared plenty of activities, all based around the "St. Patrick's day" Theme. Dress in Irish Green& have a good evening with your colleagues and friends!
Tickets are available from Vedish and me for 10 Ron.

+++ 03.03.09+++
The timetable has been nearly completely set. Smaller modifications might still happen though!
Please take notice of the AIMSO event on saturday, 7th of march. Sell& buy books as well as other useful things. If you want to sell, arrive at Aula Magna, Faculty between 12:00 and 12:45. If you want to buy only, come after 13:00 o'clock.

+++ 24.02.09+++
See the classes for wednesday on the timetable. Results for Neurology are online as well.

+++ 23.02.09+++
The timetable is online on my page now as well. As usual there will be some modifications, but some classes for this week have already been confirmed!

+++ 22.02.09+++
The timetable that is online on official timetable second semester should be the one we are running on in this semester.
I will confirm with the teachers by monday afternoon and inform you about possible changes.

+++ 16.02.09+++
Results for Denatl Care are out now. Thanks to Dr. Romanul for sending the results!

+++ 14.02.09+++
Second semester is scheduled to start on 23.02. The timetable is supposed to be out by wednesday, 18.02. You will find it online as soon as I receive it.

+++ 11.02.09+++
Results for Internal Medicine and Pediatrics are online now. Thanks a lot to Monica for her effort of typing them for us!

+++ 10.02.09+++
The exact times at the Infantile Surgery oral exam for each group have been confirmed, check here!

+++ 04.02.09+++
The topic list for Infantile Surgery is now online. Thanks to Yash for his effort typing it out!
Results of Neurology& Pediatrics will only be out at the end of the session.

+++ 30.01.09+++
Results for Ophthalmology are out. The other results will be entered into the same file at a later time.

+++ 29.01.09+++
The Senate send a request to switch also 5th and 6th years on to the credit system during this academic year.
I expect soon to find out how this is going to be realized. Which subject will be evaluated with how many credits etc.

In the meanwhile, the mode of retaking exams has already been switched to that of the credit system. Which looks like this: Payment according to credits, retaking the classes& practicals and then taking the exam.

The known problem that there are sometimes two obligatory classes at the same time has been temporarily solved. In this case you must write an application in which you describe the situation. (You can be sure that your information regarding this will be double checked)
For those affected in this semester without an application or retaken classes, they can join the exams but should still inform the respective Prof. or Dr. about it beforehand.
These informations came directly from a discussion that I had today with the Dean, the vice-Deans and the Scientific Secretary Dr. Burta. A written procedure for the secretary is not available yet, but Monica is informed.

+++ 20.01.09+++
The last date for the english examination is thursday, 22.01.09 at 12:00 o'clock. The newest list will be available at Monica's office (11:00- 15:00).
Please make sure that your absences are all in order. Each department must inform about the regulations they follow.
The guideline says that you can have 3 absences in practicals but must recuperate them until you have no absences left. Some departments work according to this rule, i.ex. Pediatrics and Internal Medicine.
Be aware that you can only recuperate after having paid (17,00 Ron/hour) at the University's tax office.

Group 603: the pictures for the Ophthalmology practical exam with Dr. Lazar are out. Part I and Part II

+++ 14.01.09+++
All exam dates are fixed now.
Please take notice that the practical exam in Pediatrics will be taken by Dr. Cladovan according to the given schedule. In order to enter the exam, be sure not to have more then 3 absences at the practicals and to recuperate those as well.
Remaining classes for this week are Ophthalmology, Internal Medicine lecture& practicals

+++ 12.01.09+++
As expected the senate voted to apply the 14 weeks schedule at the Faculty of Medicine.
This means that all years will start their exam session on the 19th of January.
The solution regarding the english test has been approved by the Rector today.
So everyone who is on the list for the english exam, please get your curricula of your english course from highschool and get it evaluated by the teaching staff of the Facultate de Litere on friday, 16th of January at 09:00 o'clock.
For more details, please check the forum!

Dental Care class has been cancelled for tomorrow!

+++ 09.01.09+++
Important notice:
The practical exam for Infantile Surgery has been established for the Groups at their usual practical times during the next week.
So for group 605, 606, 607, 608 it will be on Monday, 12th January at 11:00 o'clock in Spital de Copil.
Likewise for group 601, 602, 603, 604 on Thursday, 15th January at 11:00 o'clock in Spital de Copil.
Specific topics for the exam were not given, but you will have to be able to evaluate radiographs and answer basic questions in surgery.

More informatiosn on the individual exams are available here.

Please also check the calendar

In relation with the english exam a possible solution has been developed.
There is no way arround completeing your files with that certificate of english language.
So far you need to show any certificate on english language that is recognized (TOEFL etc.).
However aimso proposed to the responsible persons of the Faculty of Litere and to the Rector the following solution:
If you had english in high-school as a regular subject, you can pass your curriculum of that time to the Faculty of litere and let them evaluate the level of your english according to this curriculum. In the majority of cases they will approove it then and you will not have to take the english exam.

The Rector already spoke out his ok, I will have to get the paper signed on monday to make it official& binding.

If you are not able to get anything to show your english is adequate, I'm afraid there is no other way then to take the exam.
The fee has been verifyed for 170 Ron and it is not negociable. (Decision of Senate 21.4.2008, already reduced from 360USD)
Please be aware that the files have to be complete (means english certifiacte must be in it!) by the 23rd of January. So please get your papers sorted out asap!

+++ 05.01.09+++
I wish you all a happy new year& hope you had a good start into a successful& healthy year 2009!
Regarding the upcoming exam session, a little bit of luck might come in handy as well.

When our session will exactly start is still not decided yet. On monday, 12th of January, the senate will discuss this topic& I will let you know as soon as possible afterwards.
The current options are 19.01- 14.02. or 02.02.- 28.02. The second option is of course the easier one, but the legaly binding schedule forsees the 19th of january as first day of exams.
Until the decision is made, I recommend to start revising for Neurology as it will be the first subject in this session.

+++ 08.12.08+++
The test about Respiratory Diseases in Pediatrics has been shifted to after the holidays for all groups.
As this week wednesday the Balul Bobocilor takes place, we will be free from classes on thursday.
I hope to see some of you at the Ball, it starts at 19:00 o'clock in "No Problem" (a former Cinema). Acts from all over Romania are on the programme and nearly the whole place is booked out. Tickets (10ron) are available from AIMSO as well as from ASMO until then.

Next week wednesday, 17th of decembre will be the election for the new Dean. At the evening of the same day, we will have our first Xmas- Dinner at Crinul Alb before the holidays officially start on the 20th decembre. PLease feedback to me or Vedish if you want to join in. More info on the Aimso-Forum.

+++ 24.11.08+++
Copies from the lectures of Neurology can be taken from the copy shop which is located arround the corner of Faculty.
Unfortunately i don not have a name or a street name to make this information more precise!

+++ 22.11.08+++
The website is down due to technical problems. With the help of some colleagues we shall restore the page as soon as possible!
So long please use the direct link to the Forum, the mostly used part of the page that still remains intact.

+++ 18.11.08+++
Prof. Maghiar resigned from his post as Dean of our Faculty. This is a great loss for the International Student's body, as he was the main force behind the transformation of our Faculty from what it was 2 years ago to what it is nowadays.
The Dean for the time until the next election is Prof. Mermeze. On the 17th of December, a new Dean shall be elected by the Faculty's Council.

+++ 10.11.08+++
Some changes in the Internal Medicine Practicals took place. Most important is that the classes srart now with taking history at 8:00 o'clock.

+++ 31.10.08+++
Concerning the Study Contract:
1. Meeting to sign the contract is monday, 3rd November at 16:00 o'clock in M2
2. Paragraph 14 has been removed. The newest version is now online
3. Check your schooling situation which is available here. Any wrong info on there, please inform me!
4. In section II of the contract, you will have to note the missed/failed subjects which you will have to redo during this year. Wrinting down a subject obligates you to pay for the resit.
I strongly recommend to finish all outstanding subjects in your fifth year, as in 6th year you might run out of time!

The Contract de Scolarizare is only for our new colleagues who transferred into this year.

For questions please contact me or ask at the meeting on monday!
+++ 25.10.08+++
The timetable is as stable as posible in the moment. Please let me know your changes on Ophtalmology practicals.
I need to collect your Carnets in these days in order to get them stamped at the secretary. Please only hand them to me if you have payed your fees yet.

+++ 09.10.08+++
Modifications in the timetable have been done. Practical classes have to be finalized while classes are already on. In case of any changes for individual groups, please keep me updated.
Please be aware that presence will be taken from next week onwards and that more than 3 absences in practical classes as well as 3 absences from lectures will lead to an exclusion of the exam session.
More infos on that in the study contract that will be issued by the 15th of october.
The Groups have changed and our new collegues have been integrated into group 608. In case any changes are needed, be aware that it is only possible until the 15th of october.
Let me know if you need any changes and I will hand the modifyed list to Monica at that day.
Check on the forum of aimso forum of aimsofor news on recent meetings with the Dean and Faculty's Council.

+++ 02.10.08+++
The timetable is out now, but still has to be confirmed by the respective teachers. Be prepared to start classes as from monday onwards though.
More news here and in the forum!

+++ 14.09.08+++
Summerbreak slowly finds its end& I hope you spent a good time with friends and family so far!
Terms are supposed to start at the 1st of October. We are expected back in Oradea by the 15th of October.
As presence is going to be taken from that day onwards, I recommend not to come too late during the semester.

+++ 08.07.08+++
Results will be coming out this week for ICU, Nephrology, Clin. Pharmacology, Radiology, Imaging and Surgery.
They will be available at the secretary's office and, as soon as I get them, also here.
Practical exam for Urology will take place on sunday, 13th of July as from 09:00 o'clock onwards.
You will get a patient and will have to answer questions according to your written exam and should be able to present your case.

As the exam session slowly comes to an end and soon everybody is leaving for the summer, I would like to organize a barbecue for the evening of our last exam.
You will be able to use the barbecue stands and prepare your own foods there. Drinks will be available from the restaurant (Medusa).
Please give me some feedback if you would come so I can evaluate if further planning is required.

+++ 04.07.08+++
The results of our exams are slowly coming in. I will have to collect the carnets at one of our next exams in order to register your marks.

+++ 11.06.08+++
The exam dates have been fixed now, please check them out in the calendar.
As usual there is a document, giving you the relevant info on the exams as well.
For friday, we shifted to 08:00 o'clock. I will be in Faculty early in order to find a room.
Best of luck with the exams!

Recent meetings of the Faculty's Council and with the Dean resulted in some news for all of us.
Please read them in the Forum on - Outcome of meeting with Dean, 10.06.08 as well as the minutes of the meeting.

+++ 01.06.08+++
All groups will visit the Hemodialysis facilities in Spital de Copii during this week. Group 603 and 604 start on monday at 14:30. The schedule for the other groups will be available after that and you'll be able to find the info here in the evening.

+++ 29.05.08+++
As exams are coming closer and everything should be running as smooth as possible, I want to remind you about some basic informations.
If you still have fees to pay, you must do it before the session.
You should also make sure that your reciept of the payment arrived in your file. We had this problem in 1st semester session.
Be sure that you made your 3 or more Surgery- shifts in the ER.
Please make sure that your presence in practical classes reach 80%.
Please take notice that you will not be allowed to sit for the exams in case one of the above mentioned is not fullfilled.

The schedule for the exams is in process, and it is obvious that we need to be prepared to write 2 exams per week. By tuesday the schedule should be ready.

+++ 28.05.08+++
For the projects that are due next week:
Prepare one topic for Clinical Biochemistry. There will be no questions regarding this subject. Prepare the 2 topics for Moecular Pathology (CPR& Cystic Fibrosis) and be ready to face some oral questions regarding them.
Deadline is monday, 2nd of June. The question& answer session will be on wednesday, 4th of June at 12:00 o'clock in the Biochemistry dpt.
When you finish your morning classes, you might go and start there while the groups 603, 604, 605 will join later.

+++ 19.05.08+++
The Professors from germany are holding their lectures during this week. The lectures are in english language and are definetly worth attending them. Check here for the schedule.
There are also news about the projects for clinical biochenistry and molecular pathology. You will have to choose one subject from the list for biochemistry and also prepare 2 subjects for pathology, namely PCR and Cystic Fibrosis.
The presentations are due to the 2nd of June.

+++ 16.05.08+++
The confusion about the schedule for the exam session has finally been cleared today. The new schedule was pushed through by our Dean Prof. Adrian Maghiar and replaces the schedule that was given by the former Dean.
It has been approved by the Rector and will not be changed anymore.

+++ 11.05.08+++
The students from 6th year organized an excursion to the Bear caves for the 17th of May.
For only 25 RON a bus will take you to the caves which are located about 80KM from Oradea. Refreshments and food will be served as well as question& answer session is planned, where you can ask questions regarding the thesis and other important things for the years to come.
Any benefits of this excursion will go straight in to the graduation fund. Please support this activity by signing up for it in this week!
Another Activity is the "Scrubs Party" which will be held on the 22nd of may in Blue Monday.

Congratulations for the football team of Irfan, Peter, Bayo, Innocent& Shakeel! From the football competition which started with 14 teams this team came out first!
To keep track with the sports please register in the AIMSO-forum.

+++ 21.04.08+++
A little breakdown of the result of the sportive efforts of our year:
4th year's "tug of war" won yesterday against 6th year's team.
Yash's team won the basketball competition& Vedish won the 100 meter sprint as well as the 400 meter. Congratulations!
Cricket will take place next weekend or the weekend after. The finals in Football as well as the Volleyball games shall be held at the first weekend after the easter break (10th& 11th).
Next to that I want to invite everyone to join us from AIMSO at the Faculty's barbecue on 8th of may.

Changes of the timetable in this week:
For friday, Dr.Stracuic will wait for the groups at the respective times in Spital Judetean, groundfloor at the CT- Section.
This class will be offered also after the vacation for those who will be absent, but you need to have at least one presence for this.
Apart from that the Radiology Practicals are taking place at the faculty's Anatomy Dpt. for the groups 605& 606. The other groups will start them after the vacation according to the timetable.
The meeting for Molecular Pathology this week is you opprtunity to ask questions about the planned projects.

+++ 18.04.08+++
From now on we'll have Clinical Biochemistry on thursdays, 19:00 o'clock in Aula Magna.

+++ 11.04.08+++
The topics for the projects in Molec. Pathology and clin. Biochemistry can be viewed now. On the 23rd of April we'll meet Dr. Muresan for questions on the projects.
The next Urology practical for Groups 605, 606, 607 will take place at thursday, 18:00 o'clock from now on.

+++ 08.04.08+++
The groups 605, 606, 607 can shift their Urology Practicals to the extended evening round of the Urology Department on thursday 18:00 o'clock.
Please give me feedback if you wish to do so.
We will meet on wednesday 15:00 o'clock for Molecular Pathology at the Biochemistry Department. Notes for the subject were given out today.
The other changes of the practical times for indiviual groups have been reported by the group- chiefs. Please keep me further updated on those changes.

Please also register& check the new forum on ! We had to put some security matters because of the numerous bad hits we recieved in the previous forum.
There you'll be able to find, next to other topics, also the newest informations on the Sports Season 08 which will open this saturday, 12th of April. Deadline for participation is friday, 11th.
Participants& supporters are more than welcome!!

+++ 10.03.08+++
For ICU we will get nine small questions from the topic list.

+++ 07.03.08+++
The topic list for ICU is out. The timetable is nearly ready, classes start from monday! ICU lecture will not take place this week.

+++ 05.03.08+++
The timetable is here, I will need to establish your practical classes and intend to start with classes as from monday 10th of march onwards.
PLease check in downloads for the new timetable!

As the semester starts and we finish our exams, we from AIMSO thought it's time to establish a "Semester Opening Party".
It will take place on in the club " Blue Monday" (formerly "Mirage") thursday, 13th of March as from 22:00 o'clock onwards. We offer you Karaoke, moderate prices and of course an open end!
Tickets are available from me or Nmelli as from friday onwards for 5 Lei or at the box office for 10 Lei.

+++ 01.03.08+++
The timetable for second semester is not ready yet. I hope to get some more informations regarding it during this week& will announce you by email if we start with the classes this week.

+++ 27.02.08+++
We have a new Dean, namely Prof.Dr. Adrian Maghiar. He will contimue the good work of Prof.Dr. Gilau and together with the new Faculty's Council lead our Faculty to a brighter future in the next four years.
A detailed report on today's election is available for you here.
The results will be in my hands only after the exam in Health Insurance. I apologize if I didn't express myself clear enough regarding this question.

+++ 25.02.08+++
The Health Insurance paper of the previous years is online now. Dr. Szarka will take the exam with us on friday, 10:00 o'clock.
The partial exams have been set for the 6th and 12th of march. There will be no topic list for Internal Medicine. The list for ICU will be available as soon as it's known until where we reached in our lectures.
Results of the exams in Orthopedics and Child Care will be available tomorrow.
Classes for 2nd semseter are supposed to start from the 3rd of march onwards.
The timetable, if available before that, will be online.

+++ 12.02.08+++
Orthopedics topic list is finally online now! +++ 11.02.08+++
Orthopedics exam will take place at 08:00 o'clock on friday in Aula Magna. Oral examination will be afterwards in a room at faculty and it will mainly contain the evaluation of an x-ray showing a fracture.
A topic list has unfortunately still not been available! All efforts remained unanswered until now. So I can only recommend to read the file and be perpared to interprete an x-ray.
As soon as I get some list, I will announce you!

+++ 26.01.08+++
Exam dates for the session are set, please check tha calendar for them!
Another important topic is the collection of signatures to support the petition of the romanian students for free transport for students on Oradea's trams.
We need to collect 1.500 signatures which should convince the city council of Oradea to grant free tram transport for the students in the city.
If you want to support this cause, please find me this monday, 28.02. at 11 o'clock in faculty and support this with your signature!

+++ 19.01.08+++
The second part of the Disaster Medicine lecture is online now, The exam will tak eplace on thursday, 24th January, 18:00 o'clock in the Pharmacology department.
Topic lists for Orthopedics and Plastic Surgery will be available on tuesday.
Practicals for Plastic Surgery are taking place this week monday, tuesday, wednesday & friday at 09:00 o'clock. It will take place at 7th floor in Spital Judetean& it's required to wear scrubs or labcoat with hospital shoes. Check for your group's time on the timetable.

+++ 12.01.08+++
Welcome to 2008 and another year in Oradea's Medical Faculty! I wish you a successful and happy new year and good luck with your exams!
For questions, problems etc. in reachable under the following number: 07 32 17 64 06
There will be test in Internal medicine on wednesday, 16.01. at 8:30 on fifth floor in spital judetean.
The exam will be an partial in the first week of march. We still need to decide on an oral or an written type one though.
Disaster medicine will take place again this thursday and we will write the exam in the week after, on thursday the 24.01.- so be prepared!
Other exams have not been set yet, but be ready to write Plastic Surgery on friday, 08.02.
Orthopedics will also take place again this week, starting with practicals on monday.

+++ 11.12.07+++
Unfortunately I lost my mobile phone& will only get a new one at the end of this week. The new number will be available here then.
Tomorrow, the 12th of december, we are freed from classes. This is due to the Faculty's ball which will take place tonight after 20:00 o'clock in "No Problem". Entrance fee is 10 Ron and everybody is invited to join our collegues from the romanian section.
Thursday, 18:00 o'clock we will have the first lecture in Disaster Medicine in the Department of Pharmacy (like ICU). The lecture& exam material will be available as download as soon as I recieve it from the teacher.
Friday I will be leaving towards my home& family for the christmas vacation. Child care practicals will not take place next week& it depends on your group's agreements with your practical teachers if practicals will take place.
Classes will be starting again on the 7th of january according to the new& final schedule.

+++ 29.11.07+++
The lectures are all ready for downloading now. Thankx to those who send me the last lectures!
I want to announce the annual meeting of AIMSO for the students for Thursday, 6th december 19:00 in Aula Magna.
There will be a report of our activities, report of treasurer and election of President& Vice- President by the executive council.

The secretary needs a copy of the passports from the students mentioned on this list.

+++ 06.11.07+++
The lecturer for Health Insurance, Dr. Szarka will not hold a class with us. I will recieve a file with the lecture in order to publish it here. There will be meeting for questions and an exam based on these notes.
The study fees for EU- citizens have been reduced to 600€ now and are to be paid in Lei directly at the main University. Only students from 1st year will have to pay 1.200€ p.a. Those who missed the entrance exam for 1st year can relax, everybody has been accepted even without writing the exam.
There is also the new groups list online now. You can only change your group if you find someone from another group to occupy the place you will leave free in your old group.

+++ 04.10.07+++
The timetable for fourth year is still in the developing phase& by next week we should start our classes.
As there was some unclear information before, I want to make clear that the study-fee for EU- citizens is 1.200€.
Students that came into first year& missed the entrance exam, can start normally& write the exam at a later time.

+++ 07.09.07+++
Finally I managed to upload the results for HE.
If you have to rewrite any exam, please be aware that you should finish with them until the 1st of October.
University will start as from then onwards and the students are expected to be back in Oradea by then.
Students who are EU- citizens and want to start studying at our Faculty must write an entrance exam before that.
Unfortunately it is not clear yet which subjects will be examined and when the exam will take place. I will publish the required info here and also on the forum as soon as I recieve it.

+++ 26.07.07+++
The results for Immunology& medical semiology are out. On friday I will also upload the Health Education results.
Our fourth year will start from the 1st of October onwards and I hope to meet you back in Oradea arround that time!

+++ 02.07.07+++
Please take notice of the following changes for this week:
1. Group 607 will write Pharmacology together with Group 605& 606 at 08:00 o'clock.
Meet Dr. Zdrinca at 07:45 o'clock in front of the Pharmacology Dpt.
2. Pathophysiology oral exam starts from 10:30 onwards on thursday& friday.
3. Groups 605, 606, 607 will have the Pathophysiology exam in Spital Judetean.
Meet Dr. Burta on 7th floor.
Good Luck everyone!

+++ 24.06.07+++
The Pathophysiology class has been shifted to tuesday, 14:00 o'clock. Dr. Burta wants to finish the remaining topics then and eventually continue on wednesday.

+++ 22.06.07+++
Mrs. Dr. Burta offered a more efficient procedure to hand in the project to her.
Send the file containing your project, your name and topic number to her email by monday, 25th of June.
The files I already recieved from you have been forwarded to Dr. Burta.
So you won't have to hand in a printed version of your paper.
The latest silde for Morphopathology has the title "HPV- inflammation".

+++ 16.06.07+++
Morphopathology& Pharmacology topic lists are online now. Please take notice of the absences for surgery practicals. The list of students who will have to go for recuperation classes is accessible here.
If classes are not recuperated, the exam can't be taken.
There are still students that didn't choose a topic for the Clinical Immunology project.
Be aware that on the 25th of June the projects have to be handed in.
On monday, 18th of June at 14:00 o'clock we will have the last Medical Semiology class with Dr. Onaca.
Tuesday will be the test for Health Education. On the 25th of June will be a last Pathophysiology class for questions etc.

+++ 06.06.07+++
Topic lists for Surgery& Pathophysiology as well as the exam scedule are out.
Please take notice that we will have an additional Pathophysiology class on monday 14:00 o'clock.

+++ 25.05.07+++
For Clinical Immunology we will have no classes in this semester.
Instead each of us will have to prepare a script about one of the 46 topics given in the topic list and hand it to Mrs. Dr. Burta by the deadline of 25.06.07.
For the more complex topics you may work together with a collegue.
Your work will be marked and written down in your carnet as an exam in Clinical Immunology.
To make sure everybody gets a topic, please send me an email with your topic confirmation.

+++ 24.05.07+++
The slides for Morphopathology are out now, find them in the download section or here!
Soon I'll also get the correct titels of the slides.
Please respect the division into groups for the pharmacology test on friday. Groups 601, 602, 603 at 15:00 o'clock, Groups 604, 605, 606, 607 at 16:00 o'clock. Good luck!
In the following days I will present the exam-scedule for the July's session.
There will be 6 written and 3 practical exams in the period from 2nd to 28th of July.

+++ 21.05.07+++
The first sports event organized by international students took place last weekend. I want to gratulate the 3rd year's football team for their well-earned first place!
Apart from that I would like to thank all of those who helped in the Table- tennis, Volley- & Basketball games as referees or in any other way.
Pictures and results can be seen on or at a later time on

+++ 24.04.07+++
Please take notice that the pharmacology test won't take place this week.
Also remember that there will be no classes on monday& tuesday (30.4.-1.5.)of next week.
Dr. Onaca will take the class in Med. Semiology the next time. He wishes your presence and that we prepare the chapter about the liver.

+++ 23.04.07+++
We would like to invite everyone to the first spring festival ever held in the court of Faculty! The idea is to present your culinary specialities on grill-stands provided by AIMSO.
For not yet decided ones, that want to start a stand, please contact me the latest by wednesday evening! For more info, plese read below..

+++ 17.04.07+++
Easter vacation found it's end& hopefully everyone could regenerate in those two weeks.
The sports groups Football, Volleyball& Basketball will meet this saturday, 21st of April on the University's sportfields for training.
For the other groups I still have to establish the times. Don't remember for what sports you signed up?! Check the list then...
For Ideas, wishes etc. please feel free to email.

+++ 28.03.07+++
The AIMSO council decided to have the first spring-festival in the yard of the Faculty on the 26th of April from 16:00 o'clock onwards.
For this occation we invite the students to present their traditional food, drinks etc.. to the rest of the faculty on BBQ-stands.

+++ 26.02.07+++
The Pharmacology exam results will posted outside the pharmacology department on tuesday.
Immunology exam on thursday will be made up of 20 multiple choice questions. For preparation purposes, Dr. Burta published questions that you can download now.

+++ 07.02.07+++
The long promised study- contract between us students and the Dean is finally out.
Check it out in the download section!

We will sign them during the Pathophysiology exam next week.

For the Pharmacology exam, the groups 601, 602, 603 write on 22nd, the other groups on the 23rd of feb.

Check out your results from yesterday's Medical Semiology exam. They're downloadable now!

+++ 17.01.07+++
The exams for the febuary session have been set. Please set a suitable date for the semiology lab exam together with your group& teacher.

+++ 01.01.07+++
I wish all of you a happy, successful and healthy new year.

+++ 15.12.06+++
Club Bali was visited by about 250 guests yesterday. Thanks to everyone who made this party happen!

+++ 11.12.06+++ The AIMSO council organized a Xmas party for international students in Club Bali, this thursday (14.12.06) from 22:00 o'clock onwards!

+++ 6.12.06+++
The final Dean elections were hold with the following outcome:
Prof.Dr. Gilau is now our Dean until 2008 and Prof.Dr. Adrian Maghiar our Pro-Dean.

The official winter break starts on the 25th of December and ends at the 7th of January. We are expected back in class at the 8th of January.
Please visit the website and register in the forum to participate in the polls, write about topics and get informations!

The Association of International Medical Students of Oradea- AIMSO has taken notice of the problems& suggestions that the students have handed in during our first meeting.

The 12 members of the council will meet each week wednesdays to discuss further going steps. Our council will has to send 3 representatives to attend each meeting of the Faculty's Council, which makes decisions that affect us all.
Those three are Roland Meixensberger (1st year), Mabo Chailunga Fundanga (4th year)and me, Jan Vollmer (3rd year).

Details (in english language) about the credit system will be hopefully out soon. Basic idea is to evaluate the subjects by their importance in credits and put up a minimum level of 30 credits to pass a year.

The practicals for medical semiology are held within the groups. The times are written below our timetable.
Please keep your practicals according to the final groups. It is now obligatory that we keep a presence book for each group, where every presence/ absence is noted. The person that leads the book is marked with red color in the group list.

The list containing our subjects of 3rd year is online.

Finally the rules& regulations are out for the english speaking members of our faculty. As it comes a bit too late to read it to the whole class at a good occasion, I scanned the pages for you to a file. Download, read & comment it. As it‘s favoured not to get into trouble, you should know the rules.

If you have extraordinary problems you can always write an application to the Dean to solve them.

To announce changes, updates etc I‘ll be sending „newsletters“ , so you know if there‘s something new on the page.

To update my addressbook send me an email to

The secretary asked for the papers about our summer practicals that we had to do in the summer period . The faculty wants to have an official letter from the place where you did your 2 week summer practical. It has to be signed by a doctor& should contain a comment about how you did the work.