Hello& welcome to the Admission page!

On this page, I want to to provide informations to persons who are interested in studying at Oradea's University and our Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy.

Five years ago, when I was in that stage of gathering informations on Oradea, I was nearly caught by some agencies who promised me to get accepted at his University.
Unfortunately for this agency, I did not understand why I should pay 2.000 Euros for their services and so I found the official pathway which is actually free of charge and leads to exactly the same result: getting accepted at the University of Oradea!
With other words:
There is absolutely no need for an agency to get guided through this process and there is no need to pay any money for it either!

I hope after reading this article, you will understand why& hopefully decide to make your way into our Faculty without an agency!

To hand in your application, please get in contact with the International Relations Office of our University via the official website of the University www.uoradea.ro
Direct link: http://www.uoradea.ro/english/topic/60/Admission.html The ladies from the International Relations Office are usually very helpful& friendly.
So if you have questions, please do not hesitate to ask them!
The list of required documents are to be found on that link.

Please be aware of the fact, that neither the University nor the Faculty has any contract with any agency!

Admission process:
Your documents must be send to the International Relation's Office first.
The above mentioned ladies will process your file and send an application to the Ministry Of Education in Bucharest.
At approval, and that is in all of the cases with corect papers, the Ministry will send an letter of acceptance back to the University.
The letter states that you are a student at the Faculty of Medicine in Oradea. And that's it.
This process can take a while though, so early applications are strongly recommended.

Transfer Students:
Finished the first couple of years elsewhere and feel it's time for a change?
Your admission process is the same as for the new students unless you've been studying in Romania before.
After your letter of acceptance is back, the transfer-commission will check your previous curriculum and decide in which year of study they can place you.
This commission decides for 100% upon the papers you bring in, so it is adviseable to present the most complete documentation of your previous Medical School or University.

General Informations:
Terms start with the first day of October. Exams are usually written in Febuary and July and the summer vacation starts normally mid to end of July. Easter holidays usually grants 1-2 weeks off in April or May.

Living expeditures in Oradea are rising, one room appartements are available as from abt. 150 Euros per months onwards. Expenses for food and life depend mostly on the desired lifestyle, but with 350 Euros per months, a comfortable life is possible.
More informations on Oradea are certainly available on Wikipedia and Google Earth.

Arrival in Oradea:
Oradea is reachable via airports like Budapest (HU), Cluj-Napoca (RO), Timisoara (RO, Bucharest (RO) and of course Oradea's airport itself.
Connecting trains or busses are available and most of the younger people speak english and will be able to guide you the right way in case you don't find your way.

For your arrival in Oradea, the committe of the student's association aimso.orgwill support you by a number of advisors, who are of course free of charge.
They will be present at the secretary's office and also reachable via telephone and will be able to assist you finding appartments, show you arround a bit and introduce you to different aspects of student's life in Oradea.

Informations about developments at Faculty and details about student's life can be obtained from the Association's page& Forum.

This page will grow more complete throughout time. If you have any questions, suggestions& constructive criticism please contact me via joe@captainjoe.info

Last updated: 11.06.08