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Welcome to Oradea and to - The page of the graduating class 2010 of Medical Faculty in Oradea.
We have finished our 6 years degree and most of the colleagues have returned to their home countries in order to start an internship or to commence their medical specialisation.
Currently the development of a website for all the graduates of the Medical Faculty of Oradea is under progress and all colleagues will be invited to leave a report of experience on that page. will be running soon! - This page was created in 2004 to give you an overview about what's happpening at Faculty.

For the newest informations please check "What's up?!"

Here you will also find informations about the Association of International Medical Students in Oradea- AIMSO.
Visit the link and register for the forum and stay in direct contact with your colleagues.

There are sections for first, second, third, fourth fifth and sixth year, where you can find all relevant information that I collected over the years.

For possible future students please read the admission page& find out how to become a student at our University!

For a complete presentation of our Faculty, please visit the official FMF Website.

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